Knights of Columbus Donates $150,000 for Hurricane Relief

The Knights of Columbus today announced it will donate $150,000 to the Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles, Louisiana, in the wake of Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 storm that caused widespread destruction across the state on Aug. 26.

Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said, “Our prayers are with the people of the Diocese of Lake Charles and with everyone impacted by this destructive storm.

This donation is only the first step in our efforts to help with recovery.”

Along with providing donations, Knights are often the first and last on the ground after disaster strikes.

Louisiana Knights began recovery efforts immediately by assessing damage, determining pressing needs and identifying staging areas to receive critical supplies.

The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council is procuring and shipping requested supplies, including gift cards, tools, roofing nails, tarps, bottled water, ready-made food and cleaning supplies.

Offers to assist are pouring in from Knights of Columbus members in other states and countries.

Anderson said this is a typical reaction from fellow Knights. “It is fraternal charity and fraternal unity that distinguished the Knights of Columbus from other relief organizations. We stand shoulder to shoulder, supporting one another in faith and service across the world.”

Last year, Knights of Columbus Charities Inc. and Knights of Columbus Canada Charities Inc. gave more than $1.3 million to disaster relief with an additional $3.5 million donated by local Knights councils and assemblies.

Recent disaster recovery efforts by the Knights include:

  • After the Bahamas was impacted by Hurricane Dorian in 2019, the worst storm in its history, the Knights coordinated relief efforts with the Archdiocese of Nassau and raised more than $620,000 through its Disaster Relief fund. The Supreme Council sent blankets, air mattresses, portable gas stoves, solar generators and other necessities. Knights from the Bahamas and Florida also helped to clean up debris and distribute water.

  • After a series of earthquakes hit Puerto Rico in 2019—only two years after the devastation from Hurricane Maria–Knights provided canopies to displaced people and more than 300 Knights cooked 1,000 hot meals for those in need.

  • In the PensacolaTallahassee area of Florida, the Knights helped rebuild or repair churches and schools and provided a 29-foot camper trailer for one pastor to live in as his parish recovered in the wake of 2018’s Hurricane Michael.

  • Knights provided food and assisted rescue operations in the wake of historic flooding in the Houston area in 2017 and in Nebraska in 2019.

  • Cresting rivers in Ottawa prompted sandbagging and home repairs by Knights throughout that area in the spring of 2019.

  • Knights responded to wildfires in 2018 in Paradise California by evacuating a school and erecting temporary housing.

  • Knights joined in the clean-up efforts after tornados hit Alabama and Ohio in 2019.

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