Leading Sports Supplement Retailer A1Supplements is Acquired by Gotham Cigars

A1Supplements, one of the world’s first online sports supplement retailers, is taking steps to firmly cement its industry leadership.

Recently acquired by Gotham Cigars, LLC,  the move enables A1Supplements to take full advantage of the country’s dramatic uptick in online shopping.

In addition to greater efficiencies, the company’s leadership is excited to use digital analytics to provide its suppliers with valuable consumer market data.

A1Supplements Founder and CEO Nick Saliba, who has worked nonstop on the business since 1997, is stepping away from his day-to-day responsibilities to give himself a well-deserved break.

The new owner/CEO is Manny Balani, an experienced retail ecommerce executive who will apply the latest technologies to this landmark business, and provide valuable consumer buying insights to sports supplement manufacturers.

A self-taught businessman, Saliba built A1Supplements from the ground up to become a respected player in the sports supplement retail industry.

The company represents about 200 brands in approximately 500 categories.

A1Supplements has developed a loyal customer base because of its prices, swift shipping and policy of treating customers like family.

Capitalizing on strengths and synergies, Balani, who completed the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the Inspiring Entrepreneurial Strategy Program at Harvard Business School, brings a wealth of ecommerce experience to his new position.

Having created and built Gotham Cigars to become a premier direct-to-consumer online retailer.

Manny Balani, A1Supplements CEO

Balani says A1Supplements is an ideal fit for his skills and knowledge. “We had been looking to expand by entering into an ancillary category with products that are lightweight, shippable, consumable and have a recurring revenue model.”

He continues, “A1Supplements has a strong customer loyalty base and has always been a pioneer in the industry. There will be many quick wins as we maximize economies of scale.”

For more information, visit www.gothamcigars.com

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