Automotive Repair Software Industry Report 2020-2030

With time, automobiles are becoming more complex, which is why repair shops are also modernizing their operations.

Additionally, the preference of customers for fast and accurate service is increasing, which is further impelling repair firms to computerize the process.

Going digital helps such companies in optimizing their operations and bettering the interaction with customers.

Therefore, due to all such advantages of a computerized system, the global automotive repair software market, which generated $1,264.2 million in 2019, is expected to witness a 10.3% CAGR between 2020 and 2030 (forecast period).

Additionally, such software also allows users to track employee performance, reduce operational time and expenditure, and better manage the workshop.

Repair Category to Contribute the Highest Revenue to Market

In 2019, repair was the largest category in the automotive repair software market, and the situation would be the same in the coming years.

This would be because of the provision of complete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) information, experienced technicians’ insights, and colored wiring diagrams by such software.

These solutions further allow technicians, regardless of their experience level, to diagnose the issues and be more efficient at the process.

The on-premises bifurcation would continue dominating the automotive repair software market till 2030.

This is because most repair shops are small and independent businesses, which is why they are unable to adopt advanced technologies and instead opt for cost-effective solutions.

On-premises software is also preferred, as customer data entry, inventory management, and appointment scheduling and other important tasks can be taken care of at the shop itself.

Moreover, being integrated on the local server, such solutions do not create many cyber security hazards.

Computer systems were the largest classification in the automotive repair software market during the historical period (2014-2019).

This is attributed to the fact that most repair establishments use computers, which creates a high demand for compatible software.

Further, it is easier to manage the huge software size and numerous features on a computer, which further results in the higher preference for such devices.

Till 2030, the passenger vehicle bifurcation would hold the larger share in the automotive repair software market, on account of the high sales of passenger automobiles around the world.

Further, a huge number of repair shops offer services specifically for passenger automobiles, which is why this bifurcation would also grow faster in the coming years.

The automotive dealer category would witness the highest CAGR, of 12.3%, in the automotive repair software market during the forecast period.

This would be due to the increasing preference of customers to have their vehicles serviced by authorized dealers, as a large number of people lease their automobiles from dealerships.

Additionally, these firms are trusted by customers to possess authentic spare parts, more than local repair shops.

North America contributed the highest revenue to the automotive repair software market in 2019, as most of the advanced technologies are adopted in this region before others.

In addition to this, the increasing average age of automobiles in the region creates a high requirement for repair software.

In the coming years, Asia-Pacific (APAC) would be the fastest growing market for such solutions, because of the rising disposable income, which is enabling people to adopt advanced technology.

Further, APAC boasts the highest automobile sales, which results in a high demand for repair and maintenance services.

Market Competitive Landscape Characterized by Product Launches

The automotive repair software market is witnessing a growing number of product launches, as they are being used by the solution vendors to increase their sale, by enabling repair establishments to:

  • Increase the efficiency of their employees, by offering information provided by automakers
  • Connect with vehicle users and schedule maintenance appointments easily
  • Generate leads for collision repair, by receiving and replying to service requests throughout the day
  • Increase the sale of aftermarket parts and augment the return on investment
  • Speed up the customer check-in and vehicle diagnosis processes

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