Video Communication Platforms Are Transforming Business Operations During Pandemic

The market is continually adapting to ‘The New Normal’ and one of those changes is the use of online meeting platforms.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a new space for video conferencing, and potentially changed the way people will communicate going forward.

In the span of a few months, video chat has gone from a futuristic-feeling way to keep in touch to an essential part of our daily lives.

A recent article spoke to this saying: “Many of the first companies to build modern video communication systems as we know them were tech pioneers who saw the impact that video conferencing could have across business and personal life alike.

But when cloud computing hit the scene, any company that could develop an easy-to-use tool with a good interface had just as much of a shot of being successful in the space.

In 2020, there’s a huge range of video communication platforms to choose from based on your needs. Some video tech providers have had more use cases with the public over the years.

Social media platforms have incorporated video into their messaging apps so that you can talk face-to-face with the click of a button.

Other video tech systems, like Cisco’s WebEx and the now mega-popular Zoom, mainly were used by businesses to streamline communication with customers and teams in different locations.

Now, they’re getting a lot more traffic.”

Active Companies from around the market with recent developments this week include:  Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Twilio Inc. 

Another White Paper from IDG said: “Most of us don’t have romantic notions of either conference calls or commuting for meetings.

Voice-only conference calls fall short in what they can communicate. You can’t feed off of other people’s reactions, nor have one person effectively lead the group through a document or product sketch being developed in real time.

While in-per-son meetings are ideal, they can take up hours, if not days, of additional time, and they’re extraordinarily costly.

When businesses switch to online meetings, adding video and screen sharing, most, if not all of those complications fade away.

Management Commentary:

Jason Remillard, CEO of Data443

Jason Remillard, CEO of Data443, commented, “Today’s announcement is another key accomplishment for Data443, and continues the development of our Global Privacy Manager product segment that includes a plethora of products that ensure corporate compliance and personal privacy online – for both consumers and businesses alike.

This effort has taken months of work by our dedicated engineering staff, securing certification from the vendor, and enabling us to deliver another world-first product to the marketplace.”

The combination of compliance requirements, massive data collection and storage of both consumer and commercial information, without the ability to scan, parse and understand this data in a massively growing virtual environment, continues to be a significant risk for organizations of any size.

By creating the Data443 Chat History Scanner, we saw a “blue ocean” opportunity in creating a simple, quick and easy way to meet these challenges, while aligning Data443 with the global leader in online video communications.

“Being on the first page of security and compliance products in the App Store is another notch in our belt as we continue to deliver products for a wide range of SaaS information providers on many platforms.

Being distributed and available on multiple providers is part of our new approach to expand our business and reach new potential customers.”, concluded Mr. Remillard

In the industry developments and happenings in the markets include: 

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and ServiceNow recently announced a commitment to each other’s technology solutions to make work-anywhere experiences work even better.

With the ongoing pandemic and shelter in place orders Zoom’s usage rocketed to 300 million daily meeting participants in April 2020.

Zoom deployed ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) to scale its customer service operations and enable critical communications capabilities for its global community.

ServiceNow CSM also provides proactive case management and personalized self-service options to help manage the influx of customer requests.

In addition, Zoom will deploy the Now Platform, including new AIOps capabilities, to enable its new Hardware as a Service (HaaS) business model.

Zoom will also expand its implementation of ServiceNow’s CSM to provide HaaS customer support.

Ryan Azus, Zoom’s CRO

“Since March, we’ve scaled to meet the incredible increase in business and consumer demand for our solutions

ServiceNow has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer experiences during this period of growth.

With the deployment of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, we expect to significantly increase productivity and reduce case volume,” said Ryan Azus, Zoom’s chief revenue officer.

Twilio Inc.  recently announced that Twilio Programmable Video is powering Doximity Dialer Video which provides a simple, secure and reliable telemedicine tool that enables physicians to video call patients directly from a doctor’s smartphone.

Over 100,000 U.S. physicians are already using the Doximity app for telemedicine visits regularly, making Dialer Video one of the most-used telemedicine technologies among U.S. physicians.

“Doximity Dialer Video is enabling doctors to connect with patients during a time when it may be challenging for them to go to their doctor due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twilio Programmable Video enabled Doximity to add a new, secure and reliable solution in a matter of weeks that scales in a moments notice.

As the world begins to reopen and build for the new normal, Twilio is proud to help customers like Doximity deliver the future of healthcare,” said Susan Collins, global head of healthcare services at Twilio.

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