Fitness Centers & Micromobility Market Trends Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Gyms & Fitness Centers and COVID-19 – Requirements for Reopening Vary”

Gyms and fitness centers were not considered essential businesses in most US states and many closed their locations temporarily to limit the spread of the virus.

Many gyms turned to online platforms and live streamed classes to keep their members engaged during lockdowns.

As a result of temporary closures and membership losses, some fitness chains were forced to declare bankruptcy.

Both 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym have filed for bankruptcy and will permanently close some of their locations. 

Gyms were included in phase one reopenings of the White House guidelines for Opening Up America Again provided that they can adhere to physical distancing and sanitation protocols.

Requirements for reopening vary state by state and can include temperature checks and masks for staff members, limited occupancy, mandatory distancing between machines and customers.

Restrictions on access to pools, locker rooms, saunas and group classes also vary by state.

This could create difficulties for fitness chains with locations in multiple different cities.

“Micromobility Market Trends Amid COVID-19 – Operators Focus on Expanding e-Bike and e-Scooter Services”

Bolt has announced it is expanding its focus on micromobility with a new pilot electric bike sharing service in Paris.

Bolt plans to launch a similar service in other European capitals this year.

Along with its ride hailing and e-bike rental services, the company also aims to offer e-scooter rental in more than 45 cities this summer.

Jump, Uber’s micromobility subsidiary, recently removed its scooters and bikes from the streets of Paris following Uber’s investment in the e-scooter company Lime.

Lime plans to redeploy Jump scooters and bikes in ParisLondonRome and Barcelona initially.

Lime is not the only company looking at the untapped UK market for e-scooter rentals.

In May, the Department for Transport announced it was investigating fast-tracking e-scooter trials as part of a move to sustainable transport.

E-scooters could also provide an alternative to crowded public transport for commuters.

Tier Mobility is understood to be working with the UK government on e-scooter trials, while Swedish startup Voi is also seeking permission to to test its e-scooters.

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