Telecoms & Broadband in 2020: Consumers’ Attitudes Change due to COVID-19

The telecoms sector has seen a huge increase in demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

With lockdown measures keeping people in their homes, digital infrastructure became increasingly essential as people began to move their lives online.

The increase in the numbers of people working, learning and socializing from home has led to a change in customer attitudes with more customers valuing the reliability of their connection over speed.

Analysts predict that customers will continue to prioritize reliability post COVID-19 and telecoms operators may look to make improvements to network resilience in order to meet their expectations. 

Telecoms operators were quick to make adjustments for customers facing financial difficulties during the COVID-19 crisis and this influenced positive customer opinions.

Many operators removed data caps for usage based pricing as well as offering payment waivers or holidays.

As well as an increased focus on reliability,  telecom operators may consider incorporating increased flexibility into their plans such as the ability to easily upgrade or downgrade services as needed.

Operators could also consider adding remote working or cloud gaming options into their household plans.

For more information, visit Telecoms and Broadband Amid COVID-19

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