Jonas Paul Eyewear Saves The Sight Of A Quarter Of A Million Children

Award-winning Jonas Paul Eyewear announced that they have saved the sight of 255,922+ kids and families around the world thanks to the efforts of their Buy Sight, Give Sight program.

This major milestone is supportive of the company’s mission to restore and maintain healthy vision around the world.

Since its founding in 2013, Jonas Paul Eyewear’s vision has always been to not only help kids and teens feel beautiful and confident in their glasses, but also to extend that impact around the world.

For each pair of eyewear sold, the online kids glasses company partners with CBM International to maximize the impact of their Buy Sight, Give Sight program.

Ben Harrison, Co-Founder and CEO of Jonas Paul Eyewear

“When my wife, Laura, and I launched Jonas Paul Eyewear, we knew we wanted to give back, specifically in the area of childhood blindness and blindness prevention.

Donating glasses to those who are under-resourced around the world can help, but sometimes this has the potential to do more harm than good.

While giving away glasses certainly can be helpful, it also has the unintended effect of disrupting those serving the community with eyecare and could result in economic distress for local optometrists.

For that reason, we’re mindful of our social responsibility and giving,” said Ben Harrison, Co-Founder and CEO of Jonas Paul Eyewear.

In partnership with CBM International, Jonas Paul Eyewear’s impact includes giving towards efforts such as Vitamin A supplementation, antibiotics to prevent trachoma, mectizan to prevent river blindness, or general sanitation and hygiene training.

These are the areas that can have the greatest impact and keep not just one child but an entire family from going blind.

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