Local Coffee Company Partners With First Coast Surfrider on International Surfing Day

Civilized Coffee, a Jacksonville-based coffee company, has teamed up with First Coast Surfrider to create a special blend of “Surfrider Select” coffee to help support clean oceans and waterways in Northeast Florida.

Sales will be available starting June 20 – International Surfing Day – with a portion of proceeds to go directly to First Coast Surfrider to help them continue their mission and activism.

Kassidy Kinkel, of the Surfrider Foundation

“The First Coast Chapter is excited to announce a collaboration with Civilized Coffee just in time for International Surfing Day.

The chapter is constantly working to protect the coasts we love, and this special day gives us the opportunity to pause and celebrate our waves and beaches.

This International Surfing Day, go for a solo surf session or do a solo beach cleanup, and support First Coast Surfrider with Civilized Coffee’s ‘Surfrider Select’ roast,” said Kassidy Kinkel, treasurer of the First Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

An exceptional blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian arabica beans grown high in the mountains of Africa, Surfrider Select is precession-roasted to create smooth flavors of milk chocolate, brown sugar and hazelnut.

Developed with beach lovers and ocean advocates in mind, its rich flavor profile makes it ideal for sunrise surf sessions to twilight beach walks.

The First Coast Chapter of Surfrider was founded in 2002 and spans the First Coast of Florida, from the Georgia border to the end of Anastasia Island.

Their mission is to protect our oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

Mark Patterson, Civilized Coffee Co-Founder

“Civilized Coffee believes in open, honest, civilized conversations, and we believe our collaboration with Surfrider can bring some light on the necessary conversations that are needed to help protect our oceans everywhere.

Our collaboration with First Coast Surfrider has a local voice with a global impact,” said Mark Patterson, Civilized Coffee co-founder.

Civilized Coffee is built on a dual passion for coffee and supporting local communities.

Before launching the company in 2017, co-founder Jeff Norton traveled to East Africa to meet and work with local small-scale farmers, where he learned about their native land’s climate and agricultural traditions.

By working directly with these local farmers, Civilized Coffee is able to support their practices, culture and continued economic growth.

Surfrider Select is available whole bean or ground and is for sale for $14.95.

It will soon be available for sale by retailers that share the mission for clean oceans.

For more information, visit  https://www.civilizedcoffee.com/all-coffee

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