How One South Florida Real Estate Company Has Been Helping Tenants Through the Shutdown

Philip Leitman, General Manager of Suchman Retail Group (SRG), realized at the beginning of March that COVID-19 was a significant risk to health, the community, and business.

Meeting with staff, he said, “This is coming, we need to be prepared. We need to be proactive to help our tenants and all staff need to be safe. Personal health comes first.”

Suchman Group began preparing its office for work-from-home measures in anticipation of widespread closures.

The company mobilized early to offer rent payment accommodations to help get tenants through the shutdown and disruption.

Its experienced staff and management team communicated early and often and continues to stay in touch with tenants about how to navigate these times.

SRG also encouraged tenants to apply for PPP loans to help ease the financial burden of the shutdown.

For those businesses deemed “essential” which remained open during the shutdown, SRG conducted an enhanced targeted ad campaign on social media highlighting not only its services or products but also the safety and hygiene measures it was taking to protect its customers and staff.

This was supported by large banners and signs for each shopping center so passers-by could see what was open and available.

As reopening started, SRG assisted tenants in obtaining a supply of surgical masks for customers who came in without one.

The company is continuing this effort with signs and graphics asking everyone to wear a mask and ensuring that the stores have additional supplies.

Suchman Retail Group is headed by Lawrence Suchman, who is the second generation of Suchman real estate developers living, leading and contributing to the community.

“Small business is the lifeblood of our community’s economy and, particularly now, it’s important to support them and help keep our community thriving,” he said.

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