Accusoft Partners with A-LIGN to Obtain HIPAA Compliance & SOC 2 Examination


Accusoft partnered with A-LIGN, a technology-enabled security and compliance company, to obtain HIPAA compliance and its SOC 2 examination for products OnTask and PrizmDoc Cloud this month.

Steve Wilson, President of OnTask

“OnTask is all about collaboration and process automation.

We had customers coming to us in the healthcare industry, looking for HIPAA compliant software to abide by their security requirements.

We saw an opportunity for our product to expand its reach and provide the required security our medical community needs to begin process automation,” said Steve Wilson, President of OnTask.

Both OnTask and PrizmDoc Cloud are now HIPAA compliant and completed a SOC 2 examination.

A-LIGN’s CEO, Scott Price, part of the Tampa Bay Software CEOs (TBSC), partnered with Accusoft’s CEO, Jack Berlin to make the advancement happen.

Jack Berlin, Accusoft’s CEO

“As part of the technology sector in Tampa Bay, Accusoft looks for any opportunity to support other tech companies in the community.

TBSC brings us together to collaborate, and that alliance helps us all innovate and succeed together,” says Jack Berlin.

PrizDoc Cloud received its SOC 2 examination, and now also holds HIPAA certification as well.

This enhancement enables users needing HIPAA compliance to host their data on Accusoft servers, instead of creating a new instance of PrizmDoc Cloud on their own server.

These two security checks enable Accusoft to serve more customers and offer the assurance they require to move processes forward.

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