Hurricane Tree Removal Services Open to Florida Homes and Business Owners

As Florida residents brace for hurricane season, SB Tree Service has confirmed ongoing hurricane mitigation and removal services for the homes and businesses of Volusia and Flagler counties.

As a leading name in full-spectrum tree care and property services, their work helps to improve the safety of residential and commercial properties that play home to trees of all sizes.

With the NOAA predicting “a busy” 2020 hurricane season, tree services are about to become all-the-more important to Florida residents in the coming months.

With winds reaching 179 mph or more, the potential damage a flying branch could cause in a hurricane is gigantic.

Aside from boarding up their windows and setting up sandbags, many homes are left relatively defenseless in a hurricane.

SB Tree Service offers tree risk assessment and trimming services to help, as well as mulching for storm debris and cleanup for properties impacted by uprooted trees or branches.

Because of that, it’s up to tree professionals to step up to the plate and help manage the damage caused by trees and branches and debris during these storms.

SB Tree Service is proud to be available to homes and businesses during hurricane season, with quality customer service and expert wind mitigation or tree removal in Florida.

The company offers a full portfolio of tree trimming and maintenance services, from simple annual trimming to land clearing and storm debris removal.

With hurricane season lasting from June through November, their services shift to helping homes and businesses prepare for and recover from tree damage.

The agency has confirmed they will remain available throughout the upcoming months, and encourage homeowners and property managers alike to reach out, and start the mitigation process.

“During any extreme weather event, trees are one of the biggest causes of home damage.

These are large, jagged objects the wind is literally picking up and flinging at homes.

It’s very scary, for a lot of people, and tree removal in Florida is our way of helping Volusia and Flagler Counties stay safe during this time,” commented Angel Vanburger

Owner Chris Forrest reminded community members: Long term tree care and mitigation planning is a process, not an event.

Prune often and early to prevent growth problems and maintain your property’s health and beauty.

For more information, visit

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