Consumption Habits Food & Beverage Markets 2019-2020

The 2020 outlook of the KSA and UAE F&B market charts out the prevailing trends in the F&B consumption patterns across the 2 countries, and provides the shares of the various food categories that constitute the market.

The study is divided into the following sections, which provide an outlook of the food consumption habits, along with the preferred categories that are expected to prevail in 2020:

  • F&B Market Outlook for 2020: Global and GCC Perspective: This section covers the share of F&B consumption of GCC countries in the global processed F&B market. It provides a snippet into the key food categories such as cereals, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and meat products that constitute the food business in the region, as well as a daily constituent of the everyday diet of the local residents.
  • KSA F&B Market Outlook for 2020: This section maps the consumption habits and patterns of local and expatriate Arabs (dominated by Indians and Pakistanis) in terms of food preference for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weekdays and weekends. In addition to the food preference, it provides the market estimates for 2019, as well as upcoming trends for 2020, which will determine the roadmap for key food categories, such as cereals, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and meat. Each category comes with a perspective of popular products that are prevalent or gaining traction in the market. For e.g., breakfast cereals are popular within the cereals category and camel dairy products are popular within the dairy category. Similarly, an overview of the dates subsegment is provided the within fruits and vegetables category.
  • UAE F&B Market Outlook for 2020: This section provides similar scenarios relevant to the UAE market.
  • The Way Forward: The study discusses the way forward for the countries covered in terms of the way forward for the market, including key enablers, drivers, and the emerging opportunities for different food categories in the F&B market within the GCC region.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What does the average GCC consumer like to consume for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • What are the food products and categories that they consume on a daily basis?
  • Do expatriates have a different food consumption pattern and preference over weekdays and weekends, in comparison to the local Arabs (Saudis and Emiratis)?

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