Legal Win to Protect Members from Timeshare Scams

Diamond Resorts®, a global leader in the hospitality, vacation ownership and entertainment industries, announces today another major legal victory in its battle to curtail the nefarious activity and false claims of so-called “timeshare exit” companies.

Diamond Resorts has obtained permanent injunctions against a ring of timeshare exit entities including Helping Timeshare Owners Inc., Orlando Ventures Inc., Timeshare Lawyer Services, LLC, Nashville Tennessee Ventures, Inc., William Howell, Jr.Allan Campbell, Allan Campbell Attorney at Law d/b/a Best Defense Law, Andrea Roebuck, and Best Defense Law, P.A.

The permanent injunction will prevent these law firms and companies from taking advantage of Diamond Resorts members by targeting them with so-called “exit” services through aggressive false advertisements and telemarketing tactics.

Diamond initially filed the suit against Orlando Ventures, Inc. and related entities in September 2017 in the Middle District of Florida accusing the Tennessee and Florida-based companies of unlawful conduct including misleading timeshare owners.

Unscrupulous so-called “timeshare exit” companies regularly charge timeshare owners thousands of dollars in upfront fees but do not deliver on their promises to help members transition out of vacation ownership and instead leave them in financial peril and with damaged credit ratings.

Mike Flaskey, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts

“Unfortunately during this time of uncertainty we have seen an increase in financial scams.

Attorney Generals across the country are urging consumers to be vigilant.

Now more than ever, Diamond Resorts is ramping up our efforts to protect consumers against the misleading practices and aggressive false marketing of timeshare exit companies,” said Mike Flaskey, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts.

Diamond Resorts is a leader in protecting its members from timeshare exit companies, which not only hurt travelers but often break the law.

This permanent injunction comes on the heels of other permanent injunctions announced by Diamond Resorts earlier this month against 1 Planetmedia, US Consumer Attorney and Henry Portner, Esq.

In addition to this case, Diamond has pursued more than 13 separate legal actions against so-called timeshare exit companies.

Diamond has obtained permanent injunctions in more than 10 lawsuits and has had one attorney disbarred.

While the vast majority of members enjoy their vacation ownership, Diamond Resorts also understands that life circumstances can change and provides options for members seeking to safely modify or leave their vacation ownership behind.

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