NSI Industries Broadens its Portfolio with the Acquisition of Polaris

NSI Industries, LLC, today announced the acquisition of electrical connectors manufacturer Polaris Electrical Connectors, Inc.

An Odessa, Florida-based market leader of American-made pre-insulated multi-tap connectors.

The acquisition cements a long-standing partnership between NSI Industries and Polaris, supplementing the strong organic growth of NSI and its ability to penetrate important vertical industries and markets, while offering one of the broadest product, service and solution portfolios serving the overall electrical marketplace.

“The acquisition of Polaris further accelerates our growth as an electrical products company focused on providing innovative, profitable and quality solutions to our distributor partners, in multiple markets.

Polaris is one of the most well recognized and respected brands in the industry and their product portfolio is completely complementary to our electrical solutions and together we have the ability to successfully serve all of our markets with a more comprehensive set of solutions,” said G. R. Schrotenboer, chief executive officer, NSI Industries.

Polaris offers a wide array of design and manufacturing services spanning multiple markets.

Their breadth of product offering includes OEM connectors, utility connectors and commercial-industrial insulated connectors.

“NSI shares our high standards to deliver innovative and reliable products designed with the highest quality to help the electrical and utility industries streamline projects and lower total costs.

Our combined strengths, brand focus, and ambition, including unmatched customer service and product solutions, will only benefit our respective customers,” said Janeen Patten, owner and chief operating officer, Polaris Connectors.

Founded in 1985, Polaris employs approximately 190 people. In the coming weeks and months, NSI will evaluate and work with distributor and channel selling partners to help guide how to best integrate Polaris with NSI to maximize operational synergies.

Luke Hill, Polaris Vice President, commented, “We have put significant time and effort to upgrade our production capabilities in recent years, making a significant investment in new machinery and equipment. We are thrilled that NSI recognizes the formidable strategic value and we are confident NSI will continue to invest and innovate.”

NSI Industries has a long-standing partnership with Polaris, offering a full lineup of pre-insulated multi-tap connectors, with Polaris® Vision Tap clear connectors, in addition to Polaris Black, Polaris Grey and Polaris Edge, all proudly made in the USA.

For more information, visit www.nsiindustries.com.

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