Nerd Street Gamers Partners with Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Comcast Business today announced that it is partnering with Nerd Street Gamers to provide high-performance connectivity and bandwidth for the esports company’s tournaments and Localhost facilities.

Nerd Street Gamers has chosen Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions to prepare for planned business growth, create full visibility into network performance, and boost streaming bandwidth for its customers.

Rob Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Nerd Street Gamers

“When you are building an esports platform at the scale we envision, anything less than a super-fast, highly reliable network is inadequate.

Comcast Business gives us access to reliable connectivity during even the most intense competitions.

We’re able to create a competitive environment that puts every player on the same footing.” said Rob Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Nerd Street Gamers.

Nerd Street Gamers has embarked on a rapid expansion, with plans to grow to over 100 Localhost facilities within the next five years.

Localhosts are public esports facilities that use the same high-powered computers that professional gamers use in major tournaments to foster a fun, social environment for players of all skill levels.

Dedicated to fueling the growth of amateur esports in a collaborative environment, the company’s online tournaments and future in-person events can host hundreds of competitors at a time.

As Comcast Business EDI and SD-WAN is deployed across all current and proposed sites, Nerd Street Gamers will be well prepared for the future — as well as for the present.

Following the company’s March 2020 decision to move its operations all online, the company experienced a massive growth in social media engagement, including a significant increase in the number of people clicking on its event links.

Just a few weeks later, Nerd Street hosted some of its largest tournaments to date — all online.

Jody Hagemann, Sr. Director, Product Management at Comcast Business

“As companies rooted in online entertainment fill the void left by canceled live sporting and gaming events, esports’ popularity is growing, and some leagues and games are poised for success both during and after stay-at-home mandates are lifted.

By deploying Comcast’s high-bandwidth network and SD-WAN solutions now, NSG is well positioned to rise above the competition and become a leader in the future of esports,” said Jody Hagemann, Sr. Director, Product Management at Comcast Business.

Comcast Spectacor is a Nerd Street Gamers investor and took part in the company’s October 2019 Series A round, which raised $12 million.

Comcast Spectacor continues to support the advancement of a national framework for in-person esports competition and player development.

For more information, visit

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