OCO Global Announces Expansion in China With New Office in Shanghai and Partnership Agreement

OCO Global, a leading specialist trade and investment advisory firm has today announced the opening of its new office in Shanghai, China, and a new partnership with the market entry specialist Aventura.

This expansion of OCO Global’s China operations will enable the company to support international economies to attract cross-border investment from China and to build out relationships with the Chinese government and companies.

Chinese foreign direct investment has been growing by about 25% p.a. over the last 10 years. As Chinese industry continues to internationalize, it will remain a key source market for foreign investment.

OCOs increased presence in China will also enable international companies to grow their business in the Chinese market.

Mark O’Connell, OCO Global CEO

“We are very excited to open our new office in Shanghai and establish a new partnership with Aventura, growing our operations in China to support our clients across the region” said Mark O’Connell, OCO Global CEO.

“Our investment plans were put on temporary hold during the current crisis, but we are fully convinced of the long-term prospects of China as both a source and as a destination of FDI, and the opportunities it presents for international trade.

Our commitment to this expansion and our great local team demonstrates the region’s importance.” said Mark.


“As China emerges from its COVID-19 crisis, there is a commitment for continued integration with the global economy and increased market access for international firms.

Furthermore, the Governments next five-year plan, 2021-25, encourages Chinese companies to internationalize and pursue global expansion.

This medium-term outlook will create confidence for foreign governments and investors to build lasting relationships with Chinese government and businesses.

This is a great time for OCO to expand in China.” commented Yi Zhang, OCO General Manager in China.


To further enhance OCO’s offer to the Chinese market, the company has also entered a strategic partnership with Aventura, a specialist market entry and expansion firm.

Over the last 10 years, Aventura has successfully supported 200 companies to enter and grow their business in China.

This partnership combines OCO’s FDI & Trade expertise and international reach with Aventura’s local Chinese market know-how and access.

Gustav Astrom, CEO of Aventura

“Our strategic partnership with OCO is a great fit for both companies, with a complementary skillset that provides in-depth expertise of the China market and how that relates to global investment.

Despite the current challenges in Investment and Trade within the global economy, we look forward to leveraging OCO’s 20 years+ experience in advising the world’s leading economies on international expansion and FDI services.

Coupled with Aventura’s local capabilities and long standing experience in the Chinese market, we have the expertise to help private companies and public agencies form long-term business relationships in the Chinese and the wider Asian economy.” commented Gustav Astrom, CEO of Aventura.


For more information, visit www.ocoglobal.com

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