Honor COVID-19 Veterans Hospital Heroes And National Guard With Meals For Memorial Day


In honor of Memorial Day, the Marcum Foundation in partnership with BurgerFi is delivering meals to VA hospital medical staff and National Guard service members supporting the response to the COVID-19 crisis around the country.

These deliveries are part of Marcum and BurgerFi’s larger effort to deliver up to 20,000 meals to healthcare heroes working at the heart of the pandemic in cities throughout the U.S. during the month of May.

On Memorial Day, Marcum and South Florida-based BurgerFi will begin delivering 625 meals to the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Food will also be delivered to service members of the National Guard working at several COVID-19 testing sites in Southeast Florida.

Executives and teams from both companies, including Shaun Blogg, chairman of the Marcum Foundation and Marcum’s office managing partner in West Palm Beach, and Kevin Cooper, Director of Leadership and Development from BurgerFi, will help to deliver the meals, arriving at the VA hospital on the iconic Marcum bus.

The campaign to feed the coronavirus frontlines kicked off on May 14 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic.

Marcum and BurgerFi delivered 2,000 fresh-made meals to Mount Sinai healthcare workers who lined up around the block.

Hospitals throughout New York City, including New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, and NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn, have received meal deliveries throughout the month of May, culminating on May 22 at the Brooklyn Campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System in honor of Memorial Day.

Shaun Blogg, chairman of the Marcum Foundation

“We feel it is a very fitting Memorial Day tribute to honor the sacrifices being made by those who serve, whether in the armed forces or in the healthcare system, to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic here at home.

All of the healthcare heroes working on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis deserve our recognition and our thanks.

We are privileged to partner with BurgerFi in this effort to let them know that we are here for them as they continue to be here for us,” Mr. Blogg said.


Kevin Cooper, Director of Leadership and Development from BurgerFi

“We have immense gratitude for our partnership with Marcum and the honor to feed our heroes on the frontlines who are protecting both our communities and veterans.

These efforts have brought the entire BurgerFi family incredible joy and we couldn’t be prouder of our teams around the country for their dedication in making it happen,” said Kevin Cooper.


For more information, visit www.burgerfi.com

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