Perseverance at Play as IMG Academy Athlete, Refuses to let Mandatory Lockdown Slow His Dream Down

Refusing to leave campus at IMG Academy when the nation shut down on March 11thJack Thunberg, a 17-year-old junior high school baseball player, continued to stay until the very last seconds on April 4th to train with his coaches and just a handful of teammates. 

Living in an incubator of the very best up and coming athletes, the vast reality of these students’ worlds came to a screeching halt as everything in their sports world shut down.

These times in the making are carving out the champions of tomorrow, whose careers are on the brink of flourishing, to test their true endurance and character.

One story holds true with a boy from the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, who refuses to give in one inch to the idea of quitting, giving up or settling for an unknown infinite amount of time.

Thunberg, also known as Thunder, pitched well up into the 89’s just ready to break open into the 90’s when he was told to pack up and go home.

With an immense amount of training at IMG Academy, he had fully polished his curve, slider and changeup pitches.

During his flight home, on an almost empty commercial flight, Thunberg vowed in his heart to become the best left-handed pitcher in the class of 2021 college baseball prospects.

Upon Thunberg’s arrival at their hometown airport, his family agreed to help turn their home on 6 acres into an at-home training facility.

Jack Thunberg, a junior left-handed pitcher at IMG Academy, turns his home in New Albany, Ohio into a full athletic training facility. After being sent home on April 4th from the IMG Academy due to the nationwide mandatory lock down, Thunberg pushes through to find creative avenues to become the absolute very best. As a class of 2021 college baseball prospect, Thunberg logs online to to virtually train with his IMG Academy coaches on a regular basis.

Successful in their findings, they pursued to tear apart their 3-car garage to house all of the training equipment.

In the backyard, blowing in the wind of the trees, a full batting cage Thunberg had used in previous years of training, was dusted off, cleaned up and re-anchored to adjoining trees.

Thunberg turned his family’s diet around, requesting only the healthiest of foods, which he had been receiving daily with a dietician at IMG Academy, thus their family home and lifestyle was completely overhauled.

At 6 feet 5 inches and 230 lean pounds, Thunberg towers over the competition and is using his agility, balance and skill to exemplify his techniques as a pitcher.

Thunberg is a very genuine and kind character, always smiling and always staying positive.

He walks a straight line in all he does to be a hero to not only his 12-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister, but also to all those young athletes who aspire following in his footsteps.

Thunberg’s coaches at IMG Academy, whom he has a solid relationship with, are logging online to train with him at home on a regular basis.  His parents and siblings are clocking and recording his speeds.

Young athletes worldwide are finding ways to train and push their abilities to the limits even during this worldwide timeout from sports and everyday life.

They are highly affected by the doubling number of prospects as the NCAA loosens its strings to allow senior athletes another year to be recruited.

Still undecided, Thunberg is getting recruited by top universities, but is seeking out the best coaching staff.   He wants the same personal care and attention to detail at the university level that he is currently receiving at the IMG Academy.

Thunberg was recruited to play travel baseball with both Ohio Elite and the Florida Pokers this summer and is optimistic he will be back in Florida, playing the sport he loves, very soon.

For more information regarding Jack Thunberg, contact Michael O’Brien, IMG Pitching Coach / Assistant Coach, via phone (941) 807-5417 at or via email at

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