PosiGen Selects T-REX As Its Solar Fintech Solution

The Renewable Energy and Efficiency Solutions Provider Will Use T-REX’s Financial Data and Analytics Software for Lease Warehousing, Securitization, and Performance Reporting.

PosiGen, a leading provider of renewable energy for low-to-moderate income (LMI) households, has chosen to innovate its financing workflow with the T-REX Performance Data Service and Analytics Platform.

With T-REX, PosiGen fully automates lease warehousing, securitization, and financial reporting, leading to better business line pricing and faster go-to-market.

PosiGen is the sixth renewable energy provider to join T-REX’s client base this year, signifying ongoing market interest and growth across this important sector.

T-REX automates data management and analytics workflow for complex markets.

By digitizing and moving all underlying data and models to the cloud, sell-side and buy-side participants collaborate more efficiently.

With T-REX, PosiGen can rapidly scale its operations and continue to offer the most cost-effective solar leases as it prepares to expand its programs in new states.

Scott Miller, CBDO of T-REX

Scott Miller, CBDO of T-REX, said, “PosiGen is on a unique and admirable mission to make solar energy accessible to LMI households. We’re delighted that Tom and his team selected T-REX as their capital markets platform on this journey towards a more inclusive clean energy economy. PosiGen exemplifies innovative thinking by shifting its business to digital.”

Tom Neyhart, CEO of PosiGen

Tom Neyhart, CEO of PosiGen, said “Over the years, we’ve honed our savings-based value proposition and made significant strides to accelerate LMI solar adoption.

Working with T-REX will help us maintain that positive momentum and reach new communities.

No other financial analytics tool on the market gives us the speed, flexibility, and transparency we needed to scale our business.

With all of our data and models managed in T-REX, we are now better positioned to articulate the ingenuity of our financing solution with warehouse lenders, rating agencies, and investors.”

A best-of-breed capital markets solution, T-REX is a trusted provider of data and analytics to all solar industry participants, including originators, investment banks, rating agencies, and investors.

For more information, visit http://www.posigen.com

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