Leading COVID-19 PPE Supplier Urgent Response Network Partners with Distributor MFS Supply

Leading nationwide supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Urgent Response Network, today announces their partnership with leading distributor of renovation materials and fixtures, MFS Supply.

This partnership allows for individuals and businesses to access PPE across the United States.

MFS Supply is a national distributor of REO supplies and multifamily appliances, HVAC, and cabinetry, headquartered in Solon, Ohio.

With the current high demands for PPE in The United States, the company is utilizing its team of over 170 employees that are driven to achieve top results, to bring dependable PPE supplies from Urgent Response Network to consumers at fair prices.

Brent Skoda, Chairman and Co-Founder of Urgent Response Network.

“As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, it’s important that we establish meaningful partnerships to help with the global and national impact of COVID-19.

Our focus remains providing superior PPE products and supplies to those that need it, and this partnership with MFS Supply allows us to continue to do so.”, said Brent Skoda, Chairman and Co-Founder of Urgent Response Network.


Brandon Guzman, President & CEO of MFS Supply

“It is important to the MFS Supply team to utilize our infrastructure & resources to improve the availability of PPE products across the United States.

Our partnership with Urgent Response Network allows us to achieve this goal by making PPE available to our clients.” said Brandon Guzman, President & CEO of MFS Supply.

For more information on Urgent Response Network or MFS Supply, please visit UrgentRN.com and MFSSupply.com

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