Hicks Capital Management Rebrands, Announces Florida Office

T.D. Hicks, CFP®, President of Hicks Capital Management announced that the firm has introduced a new logo and tagline, as well as a new website and video that articulates the company’s philosophy and commitment to clients. In addition, the firm expanded its team in Naples, Florida.

“Since becoming an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm in 2011, we have been serving clients as a fiduciary, always putting their interests first,” said Hicks.

“Most people we speak with are looking for the freedom to focus on their personal and professional life, without the extra burden of trying to handle all of the details of their financial lives on their own. Our new logo and tagline speak to that notion of focusing on what is most important in our client’s lives.”

Hicks, who is based in Florida, spends half his time in the Columbus office, where his partner Jason S. Moore, CRPS, and several other team members are based.

With the growth of the firm in both locations, Hicks recently expanded the team in Naples, Florida.

“Our firm will always have Midwestern roots and values. With a Florida presence, we are able to serve our clients 12 months out of the year from both locations,” said Hicks.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jim Beam as a financial advisor,” said Hicks. “We are also delighted to have Shannon Beam, Jim’s wife, as our office manager in the new Naples office.”

Jim Beam began his financial services career in 2013, following 20 successful years in construction management and development, during which he built and managed over $500 million in high-rise construction projects. He was drawn to the financial services industry when he realized how few people were prepared to handle money and finances. He decided to expand his career so he could help people develop and implement financial plans to enable them to achieve their goals.

Shannon Beam spent almost 30 years in education, including 10 years in Administration at First Baptist Academy Naples where she served as Director of Admissions and Development. She was eager to make the transition to the financial world, especially having personally experienced the challenge for professional women to find financial professionals with whom they could develop satisfying, collaborative planning relationships.

Both Moore and Hicks have been financial professionals for more than 20 years. Hicks began his career as a tax consultant with Arthur Andersen, LLP in Cincinnati and Columbus. He then moved on to become a financial advisor and spent 11 years with Smith Barney, where he met Moore. Once Hicks had established his independent RIA, Moore chose to join him so that together they could serve clients in a way that was more authentic for both of them.

“We are passionate about delivering unbiased advice to our clients. There is great clarity in knowing that our clients come first in everything that we do,” said Hicks. “Simply put, we are Client Advocates,” said Moore.

With the market turbulence, on top of the SECURE Act and CARES Act package recently announced by the U.S. government, the firm is interested in doing all it can to serve not only its current clients but to help provide resources and information to others who may need a second opinion on their current situation – or just a little information.

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