Florida Company Making Face Shields for Those on the Front Line of the Fight Against COVID-19

Hoover Architectural Products, a 71-year-old manufacturer of fabric awnings based in Florida, is shifting its gears to produce face shields and help fellow American’s in need of personal protective equipment.

The change in the direction of products came after the owner, Matt Carroll, and other industry partners saw the significant need for PPE.

“Hoover’s mission statement ‘Is to build value for our customers, our team, our company and our community through an honest dedication to successful partnerships’, and that has never been so true,” said Carroll.

“Our goal is to help our fellow citizens by leveraging the value we have built in our manufacturing machinery and techniques over the past 71 years to get PPE in the hands of our medical professionals. It’s time for Hoover to play its role by being a good partner in the effort to keep everyone safe.”

By repurposing materials they use in their designs, the Hoover team is capable of manufacturing approximately 20,000 face shields per day.

“This face shield is a very high-quality product that was born by the ingenuity of the Hoover team who realized the need and sought to not only fill it but improve the user experience,” Carroll added.

“The shields are manufactured from high-quality, marine-grade clear vinyl which is scratch resistant and flexible.”

The product is currently in production.

To learn more about Hoover Architectural Products, please visit their website at www.hooverap.com

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