Florida Company Synapse Technologies Helps Fight Against Coronavirus Using Robots

Synapse Technologies based in Bonita Springs, FL is enlisting robots and other connected devices in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Synapse, a physician led company, engages in programming and deploying cutting edge technologies to better connect patients with their healthcare providers. They have created a cutting edge, yet easy to use, telemedicine and telehealth conduits and portals, Umedoc.

Before the pandemic, the company had already deployed a fleet of robots and other telepresence devices for diagnosing and treating medical conditions in a variety of facilities including skilled rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics, and homebound patients.

Robots enable medical providers to autonomously see patients remotely.

Synapse’s medical platform also runs on connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are readily available.

The platform conforms to strict guidelines of HIPAA and NIST, privacy regulations that govern medical care. Synapse has devices deployed in a variety of facilities including Cypress Cove Living in Fort Myers and ManorCare Lely Palms in Naples, FL, and looks to partner with other forward-thinking medical organizations and practices.

Since the epidemic has started, Synapse has teamed with Prime Medical Group, a southwest Florida medical practice, to deploy physician and nurse practitioners to enable daily rounding on vulnerable patients at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Prime Medical treats patients in skilled rehabilitation and hospital settings. Providing this connectivity helps to reduce the risks associated with healthcare providers unknowingly giving their patients COVID-19 and vice versa.

Other benefits include patients who are hearing impaired to be able to see the provider’s face and lips on telemedicine. Patients have in fact expressed gratitude that such a technology exists to reduce the threat of the virus further spreading, and promote social distancing without sacrificing quality care.

Synapse has also introduced chat-bot COVID screening (Umebot) and a telemedicine website Umedoc built from ground up with in-house coding to help Floridians assess their risk for the virus, assess symptoms, and obtain further testing if necessary.

Pairing with local healthcare providers enables them to arm doctors and healthcare providers with the necessary tools to help the fight without being sidelined. Because the pandemic is unprecedented, Synapse is committed to helping the community one byte at a time.

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