TV’s Popular Decorative Surfacing Company Lands in Homestead South Florida

Oct. 4, 2019 – The decorative concrete and specialty surface coatings industry is in high demand as more and more commercial and residential owners choose to utilize these high-tech flooring and surface solutions for their projects. In turn, this has led to a rapid expansion within the specialty flooring and decorative surfaces segment. Particularly, there is a growing movement within the niche markets of epoxy flooring, architectural concrete resurfacing and the specialty coatings sectors.

This global industry has rapidly expanded into the Automotive / Aerospace, Commercial Office Buildings, Food & Beverage, Retail & Grocery, Hospitality, Healthcare, airport, Industrial and Residential markets.

“These segments of the specialty concrete market are where we thrive,” says Mike Rhodes, President/CEO and Second-generation owner of Homestead Paving.  “I realized long ago, to continue leading in this space, we needed to diversify our niche by offering additional surfacing solutions to our massive and ever-growing customer base.”  Rhodes adds… “I have spent years searching for an exclusive high-quality product line to help Homestead Paving with the exciting transition into this rapidly emerging market and… I found it with Surface2Surface Global. Moreover, S2S Global adds 23 years of experience in the decorative surfaces industry to our over 45 years of experience in the traditional architectural and decorative concrete market. This is a winning combination.”

“We pride ourselves on being problem solvers for our customers,” says Matt Rhodes, Executive Vice president of Homestead. “When a customer calls with an unusual or difficult request, the diverse/High-quality S2S product line will equip us with an incomparable advantage by allowing us to provide our customers with the inimitable solution and superior results they have come to expect from Homestead.”

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