Launches to Help Consumers with Insurance Purchases

Sept. 6, 2019 – As insurance agencies across the country consolidate, a group of Central Florida business leaders are bringing new technology to help their independent agency group compete.

MySmartQuote Leaders

The platform ensures consumers looking for the best price in insurance can find the right quote across a variety of carriers in seconds.

“Nearly 75 percent of all consumers are simply paying too much for their insurance because they don’t have a way to compare prices quickly and easily,” says Scott Mason, CEO, “Our platform allows them to get quotes from multiple, well-known carriers instantaneously.”

Through a series of acquisitions in recent years, Mason says “most agencies are 10 years behind in technology and efficiencies.  Our technology gives us a distinct advantage over the competition  by providing fast results and quick response time.  Its like Kayak for insurance.”

For our independent agents and consumers, the technology allows us to provide a significant resource without the millions of dollars of investment in technology performed by national firms.

“Independent agencies need this resource to survive in today’s technology-driven economy,” Mason says. “We provide them with the tools of giants so it leaves more money in our clients pockets”

In addition, can provide a place for independent agencies to become part of our larger group through mergers  and acquisitions.

The company has caught the attention of several big names in business, including Hawaiian Tropic founder Ron Riceand former Florida Health & Human Resources Committee Chair Jason Brodeur.

“For more than 30 years, Scott has proven to me he will be successful in nearly every venture he undertakes,” Rice says. “As I look to diversify my business activities, this could become the standard for how people shop for insurance.”

Rice is no stranger to seeing future trends. In 1969, with just a $500 loan from his father and a batch of sunscreen in a metal trash can, Rice grew Hawaiian Tropic to be the largest producer of skin care products in the United States, based out of Daytona Beach.

He sold Hawaiian Tropic in 2007 to Playtex and, for the last three years, has developed a new brand of skin care products, Havana Sun.

Brodeur has seen first-hand the issues in the insurance industry. As a state legislator, he was the chair of the Health & Human Services Committee from 2016 to 2018. He also worked with consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble for 11 years and owned his own health care consulting company.

“Innovation is desperately needed in this field, especially for consumers who must purchase homeowner’s insurance and car insurance,” Brodeur says. “Scott has put together an exciting platform that will improve the way we purchase insurance in the future.”

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