Business Looking to Donate Entire Mobile Kitchen to Bahamas

Sept. 6, 2019 – Donating small items like bottled water and canned goods is easy, but one West Palm Beach, Florida business is looking to donate an entire $100,000 portable kitchen to Bahamashurricane relief.

Banyan Cay Resort & Golf, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida is looking for someone who can transport their entire mobile kitchen to the Bahamas. The kitchen, which is the size of a small trailer, was the main kitchen for the club during recent construction.  Club owner Domenic Gatto, Jr. says he is hoping to find someone who can transport the kitchen to the Bahamas so it can be put to good use.

“I’ve been watching the news, and there is so much destruction. I realized while so many people are donating food, there are areas so devastated there isn’t the simple infrastructure needed to offer hot meals to survivors. We have this mobile kitchen just sitting here.  If we can find an organization that can handle getting it over there, I know it can help,” said Gatto, Jr.

The club is hoping an organization will come forward and help transport the kitchen to where it can do the most good.

In addition, Banyan Cay Resort & Golf is holding a charity tournament this weekend to raise money for relief efforts.  All the proceeds raised will be donated to hurricane relief. Any organization able to assist with moving the kitchen should contact the club.

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