SWAT Mosquito Systems has a Solution for the Rise in Mosquito-Bourne Illnesses

Sept. 4, 2019 – Recent warnings from public health officials reinforce public upheaval over the growing concerns about mosquito-borne illnesses in the state.

This month a case of the potentially fatal Dengue Fever was confirmed by the Department of Health in Miami-Dade County. According to the health department, there is a heightened concern among the community of additional residents becoming ill.

This announcement marks the second time this year that an acquired case of dengue fever has been reported in the state, with both incidents occurring within Miami-Dade. However, 75 cases of the illness have been reported among Floridians who acquired the disease as a result of travel outside of the US.

According to SWAT Mosquito Systems, the risk of disease and infection from mosquitoes and other airborne insects is a risk many of their local Florida customers are concerned about. It’s not just Dengue Fever residents are concerned about, Zika is still a very real threat in Florida, leaving many women trying to conceive worried about the health of their future child.

Heightened Risk in Eight Florida Counties This Year Alone

SWAT Mosquito Systems blames local rain and flooding as one of many contributing factors, with Miami-Dadebecoming one of eight counties in Florida to fall under a mosquito-borne illness advisory this year. Other counties under the advisory in 2019 include DeSotoOrangeBay, Suwanee, CalhounWalton, and Holmes.

In Recent Years Florida Has Become a Hotbed for Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Mosquitoes have always been a nuisance. But now these blood-sucking pests pose more than just risk of mild irritation and itching welts. Florida mosquitoes can be a carrier for a wide range of pathogens that can affect both humans and pets alike.

In Florida alone, there are over 47 types of mosquitoes. The warm climate, moisture, and abounding water features make Florida an ideal breeding ground for these pests to take over outdoor living areas, making spending time outdoors without danger a struggle.

Dengue fever, for example, is an incredibly painful disease capable of causing severe headaches, high fever, muscle, and joint aches and other complications. In rare cases, it can even become fatal. The virus causing Dengue fever is related to that which causes the much talked about West Nile infection, Yellow Fever and Zika (all of which are concerns for Florida residents).

SWAT Mosquito Systems Offers Hope

Founded in 2002 by an environmentally conscious father, Florida-based SWAT Mosquito Systems utilizes cutting edge and highly effective mosquito misting systems that are organic or pyrethrum-based mixtures with low-toxicity.

For many Florida residents, traditional solutions such as torches, candles, mosquito magnets and bug zappers are ineffective.

SWAT Mosquito Systems knew there had to be a better way to prevent and eliminate mosquitoes. Their unique and innovative approach to mosquito control utilizes a specially designed automated spray system that delivers a fine mist that works to instantaneously create an insect-free area.

This system is effective and virtually unnoticeable to residents with the majority of properties requiring just 2-3 short 30-60 second spray sessions per day for maximum effect.

Other Precautions Homeowners can Take

  • Drain and cover anything that can collect water
  • Remove old tires, drums, bottles and broken appliances from your property
  • Remove water from boat and pool covers
  • Cover up by wearing long sleeves, socks, and pants when outside
  • Utilize repellents, ideally those with DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus or picaridin

Those individuals or businesses interested in more information on SWAT Mosquito Systems or to consult with one of their mosquito and insect control specialists reach out via their website or by way of the media contact information below.

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