Mayorga Organics to Open State-of-the-Art Coffee Factory in Miami

Aug. 21, 2019 – Nationally-recognized leader in organic coffee, Mayorga Organics, is proud to announce its plan to open a 33,000 square foot facility in Miami, FL. The facility will work in conjunction with Mayorga’s facility in Rockville, MD to provide distribution across the East Coast of optimally fresh coffee, chia, and other organic products from their 3,000+ small farmers in Latin America.

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Martin Mayorga, Founder and President of Mayorga Organics, states, “I’ve wanted to have a presence in Miami since I launched Mayorga Cigars 25 years ago. My family called Miami home after we bounced around Latin America having escaped the Nicaraguan revolution. In Nicaragua and in Miami, the influence of the Cuban exiles became ingrained in my DNA.” Mayorga began his entrepreneurial endeavors when he partnered with the Plasencia family in Nicaragua to launch Mayorga Cigars in 1994.  He went on to build it into a national brand, selling it in 2001.

Since its inception in 1996 to support small coffee farmers in Nicaragua, Mayorga has evolved to work with small farmers throughout Latin America and has launched a crop diversification program that has grown to over 4 million pounds per year of organic chia. “We exist to create market opportunities for our farmers,” states Mayorga. “The Miami market is ideal for us to bring our message of sustainability, high quality, and to be unapologetically and proudly Latino. This larger facility will allow us to evolve into sustainably sourced cacao and other diversified products,” states Mayorga.

Mayorga’s new facility will feature an open floor plan with a full view of the massive manufacturing facility as well as a coffee bar and retail showroom. The retail area includes almost 4,000 square feet for tastings, tours, events, and classes. “Education and speaking openly about the realities of the agricultural industry in Latin America are hallmarks of the Mayorga philosophy,” states Clari Butman, Mayorga’s Brand Manager. “With the purpose to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America, it’s important that we educate our consumers on the real issues, empowering them to be part of the solution by consuming our healthy, high quality products,” she continues.

The facility, located across from Miami International Airport at 4101 NW 25th Street, is expected to be operational by November 1st and open to the public by December 1st of this year.

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