BK Adventure Announces Expansion of Clear Kayaking Bioluminescence Tours+ 9

July 26, 2019 – BK Adventure today announced expansion of their services to include more locations for their Florida bioluminescence tours. They will now offer 2 locations for Clear Kayak Tours which have been selling out since mid-July 2019.

“We have seen such a big demand for the clear kayaks, that we had to open up more locations and availability to accommodate all of our guests requesting this tour,” said Sandra Krasa BK, Chief Adventure Officer and Marketing Director at BK Adventure. “Last weekend we tried offering 2 extra tours per night on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, and they filled up quickly, so we will make the extra Saturday tours available until summer’s end.”

BK Adventure already sells out of the 128 spaces offered on Saturday nights for clear kayaking.  On new moon weekends, all 255 spaces on the bioluminescence tours (including tandem kayaks and rafts) usually sell out.

This will give guests options to take do the bioluminescence tour in clear kayaks (100% see-through) at 4 different times, in 2 nearby locations.

The Clear Kayaking Bioluminescence Tour current times and locations are:

Haulover Canal – 9:00pm and 11:00pm
Beacon 42 – 9:30pm and 11:30pm

Both locations are reporting excellent views of the summer bioluminescence phenomenon. On this tour, people get to see glowing plankton light up the water a neon blue color as they paddle through. Many guests have seen manatees and dolphins light up with a neon glow as they swim around the lagoon.

BK Adventure also offers many other tours to see bioluminescence, including the Bioluminescence Kayak Tour, and the Bioluminescence Rafting Tour (family friendly).

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