Green Point Research Launches Farmers First Initiative in Central Florida

July 23, 2019 – Green Point Research (GPR) continues its rollout of the Farmers First Initiative into Central Florida by partnering with Watershed Farms as they begin to grow hemp.

Green Point Research Watershed Farms

Not only can hemp be cultivated for a wide variety of uses, including clothing, nutritional supplements, and fuel, its net environmental benefits are countless. Hemp is a low-maintenance, high-yield crop that can grow with little to no pesticides.

“Hemp can help Florida farmers who are struggling, those which are doing well but want to add a new revenue stream, or in the case of Watershed Farms, an entirely new farm start hoping to capitalize on the hemp market opportunity,” said David Hasenauer, CEO of Green Point Research. “Growing hemp is a profitable alternative crop that provides a viable, sustainable, and cost-effective option that will help our agricultural economy.”

Watershed Farms was launched earlier this year by Charles “Charlie” Fields III, his brother Scott Fieldsand Dustin Lowe, in anticipation of Senate Bill 1020 that was recently signed by Governor DeSantis. Watershed Farms is a 200-acre site with 150 of those to be planted with Green Point’s hemp cultivars. Charlie and Scott’s grandfather is the founder of Fields Equipment, the oldest John Deere distributor in Florida, with three locations throughout Central Florida. Dustin met the Fields brothers through his father, Clinton Lowe, who is a long-time team member at Fields Equipment. Dustin owns a successful blueberry farm and looks forward to implementing his successful farming techniques to hemp.

GPR will provide hemp seeds to Watershed Farms with a promise to buy back the product for an agreed-upon price. GPR will then utilize their best in class extraction and material science methodologies to produce high-quality crude oil, full-spectrum distillates, broad spectrum distillates, isolates, and terpenes, to be sold to other business that incorporate these into consumer products.

“Our State’s Farmers are some of the most innovative in the world, and this exciting new crop will allow us to expand our industry as a whole and ensure the revitalization of farming in Florida.” said Dustin Lowe.

Scott Fields said, “My Grandfather established Fields Equipment in 1956 to serve as a support system for Central Florida Farmers. Charlie Fields adds, “Adaptation to meet our farmers ever-changing needs is essential and thanks to Green Point Research’s unparalleled dedication, we can lead by example to show what hemp can do for today’s farmers.”

Through Farmers First, GPR aims to help farmers, their families, and the communities they live in to not only survive but thrive. By establishing a network of farms throughout the State, it will enable local economies to grow through industrial hemp farming, processing, and sales of downstream commodities.

Green Point Research (GPR) is a vertically integrated phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor founded in 2016. GPR controls its supply chain from seed to processing bulk cannabinoids for business to business sale. Contact Green Point Research at 954-500-HEMP to learn more about the Green Point Method.

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