Chapman Beverages Partners With RNDC-USA to Bring Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer to Florida

July 11, 2019 – With the popularity of Moscow Mules rising in bars, events and parties nationwide, along with its pure deliciousness as a drink, ginger beer is in demand nationwide. Chapman Beverage’s Bermuda TigerShark has been leading the way with its Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer, now winning over a new distribution partner.

There’s no doubt that Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer is something special. So much so it has become an in-demand drink or ingredient for another popular drink – the Moscow Mule – at events like the Disco Donnie Pre, where it is an official partner and some of the best and biggest EDM DJ’s in the world perform, like DJ Tiesto, Skrillex, Marshmello and countless others. In exciting news, Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer’s reach will be expanding, with the company joining up with RNDC-USA, the second-largest liquor distributor in the country. TigerShark Ginger Beer is now available in Florida and Oklahoma, with new states opening up very soon.

“Make a better mule,” commented Jeffery Lalo, vice president of marketing of the company. “That’s exactly what our Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer delivers in a big way and it’s very encouraging more people are embracing it every day.”

The drink has been described as having a quite unique and superior taste even when compared to other ginger beers, which gives an explanation why it is in such demand both at dance parties, other social events and states where it is currently not easily available. Fortunately, Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer is working hard to solve this problem until the ginger beer is an easy option from coast to coast.

The feedback from customers continues to be very passionate.

Christie S., from Texas, recently said, “I travel to dance parties all the time and when I find out I can get in a few Moscow Mules made with Bermuda TigerShark Ginger Beer, I am beyond excited. It is absolutely fantastic and I totally recommend it for a fun day or night out.”

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