The Jewelry Brand That Wants to Empower Women – Lola Hoop

June 25, 2019 – Lola Hoop, a jewelry design company based in Miami, Florida, was founded by Simona Zion, a self-taught Eastern European girl who came to the United States with a dream of becoming a jewelry designer. Her unique creations are models’ and influencers’ new favorite brand. Lola Hoop jewelry is featured in Vanity Fair, Aventura Magazine, NewYou magazine, Vogue and more. This is just the beginning or as Simona would say: “The sky is the limit!!”


Zion describes her style as always evolving. “My goal is when girls think of jewelry, the first thing that pops up in their mind is Lola Hoop, so there will always be that perfect accessory to fit every mood and outfit.”

Carefully picked gemstones and nothing but high-quality materials are combined to highlight women’s femininity and strong personalities. “I want my designs to inspire women to be confident and never stop until they get what they want.”

Zion’s favorite materials are gold and pearls – “you can never go wrong with pearls” – and her designs are her personal way to send her message to the world.

All of Zion’s featured designs are available for purchase on her website. To learn more and see the selection, visit

Address: 215 S. 21st Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone number: (786) 781-8546

1 Comment on The Jewelry Brand That Wants to Empower Women – Lola Hoop

  1. My wife is delighted with their products. I think that many women in Florida will appreciate their jewelry. Keep it up!


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