Galen College of Nursing Expands Campus to Northside Hospital

June 25, 2019 – Galen College of Nursing announced today the expansion of its main Tampa Bay campus at Northside Hospital, an HCA Healthcare facility located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The first class of students attending the Galen campus at Northside Hospital will start July 8.

As the largest educator of nurses in the region, Galen is proud to continue to expand access to quality nursing education in support of healthcare in the community.  “The integration of a campus at a hospital provides our students with more exposure to clinical practice, enhancing their learning and expertise,” said Mark Vogt, Galen’s Chief Executive Officer.  “The new Northside Hospital location will allow students an up close look at real-world nursing, which is invaluable to their education.”

Nursing students at the new campus will have unique opportunities to engage more closely with healthcare providers on campus, participate in educational and training events offered to nursing colleagues, and see first-hand practices and measures in place that enhance the quality of care at Northside Hospital.

“We are excited not only to expand our ability to support the need for more nurses so vital to the nursing workforce, but to offer this kind of integration into our programs, increasing the confidence of students and advancing their preparation for practice,” said Interim Dean Glen Cornwall, MSN, RN.

“Northside Hospital has a strong tradition of supporting nursing education, from working with area nursing schools to our StaRN Nurse Residency program and encouraging nurses to strive for advance certifications and degrees,” said Valerie Powell-Stafford, MHSA, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Northside Hospital. “We’re excited to welcome Galen to our campus, because we know that skilled and compassionate nurses are critical to our mission, which is the care and improvement of human life.”

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