Sun City Center Veterinary Clinic Opens

June 21, 2019 – A newly built, comprehensive veterinary practice has opened in Sun City Center, Florida. Run by well-known, Tampa-area veterinarian Dr. Steve Harris, in addition to general practice and wellness care, the Clinic provides urgent care, internal medicine, and surgery.

The new Sun City Center Veterinary Clinic offers a general small animal practice that is directly available to residents of Sun City Center—even providing direct golf-cart access—and is conveniently located for residents of close, nearby communities such as WimaumaSummerfieldRuskinPalmettoEllentonRiver Hills, and Parish.

Sun City Center Veterinary Clinic held its grand opening at the beginning of June in its entirely newly built, state of the art, patient-centered facility.

Dr. Harris has practiced in the Tampa area for the last 18 years at an extensive small-animal clinic and as a general surgeon. With 35 years in professional practice, Dr. Harris began in the west with a large-animal firm, then soon moved to South Florida, where he ran two associated practices in the Florida Keys. Married with two children, three cats, one dog, and three horses, his early volunteer work with Friends of Animals and United Humanitarians set him on a course of contribution to similar organizations that continues to this day.

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