GoZone WiFi Leads Smart City Innovations in St. Petersburg’s EDGE District

June 12, 2019 – WiFi marketing and analytics company GoZone WiFi (GoZone) today announced the completion of a free-to-the-public WiFi network throughout the EDGE District in St. Petersburg, FL, where the company is headquartered. A wire cutting ceremony will officially launch the project on Thursday, June 20, in conjunction with World Wi-Fi Day on Thursday, June 20.

Through the implementation of a business-sponsored model, GoZone, along with hardware provider Cambium Networks and the EDGE Business District Association, created a publicly available WiFi network throughout the seven-block downtown district.

The project was both a business and passion project for GoZone’s CEO Todd Myers, who has studied the topic of digital divide extensively and knows how it negatively impacts not only individuals, but entire communities. “We are committed to working toward pervasive, accessible WiFi access for everyone; regardless of your income or economic status,” said Myers.

Myers worked closely with Barbara Voglewede, Executive Director of the EDGE Business District Association, to bring his vision of a connected community to life. The EDGE District WiFi initiative had three main goals:

  • bridge the digital divide in St. Petersburg
  • connect residents and visitors to local businesses and corporate sponsors
  • drive economic vitality within the EDGE District

All without using taxpayer dollars.

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman sees the value that this project brings to the community. “On June 20th, we will celebrate World Wi-Fi Day, and I can’t think of a better way than to begin to bridge the digital divide in the Sunshine City. Bringing free WiFi to the heart of our city is a creative, innovative way to help everyone connect in new and exciting ways,” said Mayor Kriseman.

Local residents and visitors get free access to WiFi, while corporate sponsors receive digital advertising opportunities provided by GoZone’s platform. The EDGE Business District Association uses the network to drive economic growth in its historic downtown corridor by promoting the district’s many amenities, eclectic businesses, and district-wide events. Using GoZone’s systems, Voglewede can view traffic data in order to spot trends and analyze growth fluctuations and patterns.

“The value of offering free WiFi to our district visitors is tremendous,” said Voglewede. “It enhances their experience here, increasing their dwell time, and even providing an easily accessible, more eco-friendly platform to learn about our unique district features and heritage. We’re thrilled to be partnering with GoZone on this cutting edge project.”

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