Extinktion Partners with Monique’s Body Art to Bring Cutting-Edge Laser Tattoo Removal to Clearwater, Florida

April 30, 2019 – Extinktion, a leading laser clinic in Grand Forks, North Dakota, has partnered with Monique’s Body Art in Clearwater, Florida to expand their laser tattoo removal services. With the addition of the Astanza Trinity laser, Monique’s Body Art has transformed into a full-service tattoo shop that offers a wide variety of tattoo and removal services from including tattoo application, piercing, complete laser tattoo removal, fading for cover-ups, and more.

“We are so thrilled to welcome Extinktion laser tattoo removal to our Clearwater tattoo shop,” said Monique Larson, owner of Monique’s Body Art. “We work in an industry that is very client focused and are always looking for ways to improve our business, so adding laser tattoo removal was a no brainer. With the Trinity, we’re able to fade unwanted ink to make room for new art and help clients remove ink they no longer want.”

Extinktion has brought the Astanza Trinity laser to Monique’s for its full-spectrum capabilities, high peak power, and unrivaled results. The Astanza Trinity is comprised of two separate lasers, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and a Q-switched Ruby laser. Together, these lasers create the Trinity and emit a total of three versatile wavelengths. The Trinity is trusted by leading tattoo shops, physicians, and laser practitioners worldwide and is safe to use on all skin types.

“After opening Extinktion in Grand Forks last fall, I immediately knew I wanted to expand my practice,” said Matthew Sandell, owner of Extinktion. “After meeting the team at Monique’s and seeing the wonderful artwork their artists create, I knew they’d be the perfect business to partner with. While I know Extinktion laser tattoo removal helps people in Clearwater part ways with their tattoo regret, I also hope the Trinity serves as a fading tool for Monique’s artists to expand their cover-up opportunities.”

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