Earth Day 2019 SunDance’s Continued Commitment to Sustainability

April 19, 2019 – SunDance (, an Orlando-based marketing, mail, design and print company, completed their inaugural Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certification in 2010, making them the first SGP certified printer in Florida. They recognize their responsibility as stewards of the planet and strive to ensure the plant runs low-impact throughout the entire production process. Through regular meetings with each department, SunDance consistently identifies areas for increased efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling practices plant-wide. In addition to the required continuous improvement projects for SGP recertification, SunDance performs numerous additional efficiency and conservation projects. Among them:

  • installing a solvent recycler, reducing print waste
  • establishing recycling systems for printing plates
  • initiating automation procedures, thereby reducing the time and energy it takes their offset printer to be ready for production
  • installing light sensors to automatically shut off less frequently used sections of the warehouse during non-peak hours, reducing energy use
  • employing delivery mapping software to reduce gasoline use and emissions through increased route efficiency

The SGP team supports SunDance in navigating its green initiatives as their business and resource consumption adapts to changing industry trends and business growth. SGP’s assistance in streamlining processes, reducing resource purchases, educating team members, and sharing best practices is key to the continued success of SunDance’s conservation initiatives. You can visit SGP’s website at:

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