Six Months After Hurricane Michael, Alley Cat Allies Continues Helping Florida Panhandle’s Cats

April 12, 2019 – As the Florida Panhandle marks six months after Michael made landfall as a devastating category 4 hurricane, Alley Cat Allies is continuing to offer its assistance and leadership to the recovery. The Alley Cat Allies Feline Frenzy® on the Panhandle is making great progress in helping the community transform its ability to care for cats.

“As people are working to rebuild their lives, it’s important to also remember that people consider their companion animals to be part of their family,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “These animals are an important part of the community, so it’s critical to ensure services are available to help them as the region rebuilds.”

The goal of the Feline Frenzy is to help the community during its recovery by providing the foundation for sustained, long-term positive outcomes for cats. Feline Frenzy makes change through humane education, facilitating networking among animal groups and other key players, public outreach and no-cost veterinary services including spaying, neutering, vaccinating and microchipping that are being provided for cats throughout the Florida Panhandle. Many more cats will be helped because of the dramatic changes that are taking place.

After the first four of nine days in April for the Feline Frenzy, Alley Cat Allies and its partners at Operation Spay Bay in Panama City are well on their way to achieving the goal of helping 1,500 cats. Approximately 100 cats each day are being helped and for community cats, they are being returned to their habitat sporting their identification known as an “eartip.” The Feline Frenzy campaign will continue in the Pensacola area in May.

People living in the Panhandle area can find details on how Feline Frenzy can benefit their cat at

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