ImageOne Medical Team Solidifies Their Position as Florida’s Only Engineer-owned Medical Equipment Services Group

April 3, 2019 – After a successful five year collaboration, the affiliate members of five Florida-based engineer-owned medical service providers have voted to formalize their their relationship by forming an affiliate equipment and services group named ImageOne Medical.

1 (3).jpg

Under the terms of the agreement, CapMed+, Exlogix LLC, Lighthouse Medical Imaging Services, Molecular Imaging Specialists, and Pinnacle Health will combine their resources and expertise to provide a fully comprehensive equipment and service solution to clients in Florida.

“This is an exciting day in the history of our five companies,” said ImageOne Board Chair Ric Arcadi. “Doctors and hospitals across the country and across the world have known us each separately for our world class service. It makes perfect sense to combine our years of experience to create a holistic solution right here in Florida. Our focus will be to self-perform on every aspect of the equipment ownership experience.”

After a public meeting on March 19 where advisors and legal teams shared the details of the agreements, trustees took the last week to pore over those details and deliberate about their decision.

“This has been a very long road, with countless hours of effort by not only our trustees and board members but from people across our community,” said ImageOne Executive Board Member Jeremy Hesser. As the owner of a family-owned Florida business, I think we can all be proud of this terrific end result of our hard work.”

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