Daytona Beach Is the Most Affordable Spring Break Destination in Florida

March 6, 2019 – Daytona Beach is the most affordable destination in Florida for spring break, according to a new survey conducted by

The recent survey compared 20 popular destinations in the Sunshine State based on cost of accommodation. For each destination, researchers established the average price for the least expensive double room for the month of March 2019, when most university students are on spring break. Only hotels rated at least 3 stars and located close to the beach or city center were included in the survey.

Daytona Beach tops the list of most affordable destinations, with room rates starting at an average of $116 per night, followed closely by Panama City Beach, with average room rates of $119 per night.

For those seeking a luxury spring break experience, the survey also found the most expensive spring break destinations in Florida. These included Sanibel Island, with an average room rate of $321 per night for the least expensive double guestroom at a 3-star hotel near the beach or city center. Other pricey Florida spring break destinations are found throughout the Keys.

Popular destination Miami Beach offers guests stays in the middle ground, with average room rates of $186 per night.

The following tables list the most and least affordable destinations in Florida for spring break. The rates listed reflect the average rate for the cheapest available double guestroom (at a minimum 3-star hotel near the beach or city center) in each locale, March 1–31, 2019.

Most affordable Florida spring break destinations:

  1. Daytona Beach $116
  2. Panama City Beach $119
  3. Fort Walton Beach $136
  4. Destin $146
  5. Cocoa Beach $148

Most expensive Florida spring break destinations:

  1. Sanibel Island $321
  2. Fort Myers Beach $285
  3. Key West $274
  4. Siesta Key $256
  5. Key Largo $246

For the full results of the survey, visit:

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