Bulk Candy Store Launches a Candy Tour Through Time

March 6, 2019 – Bulk Candy Store (BulkCandyStore.com), South Florida’s largest and oldest retailer of sweets and treats, opened Candy Tour, a permanent exhibit that explores the sweet history behind confections, at its store at 235 N. Jog Road.

Candy Tour guides will take guests on a Willy Wonka-style journey, only tasting is encouraged on this excursion.

“We designed the tour with ourselves in mind,” said Bulk Candy Store co-owner Ken Shenkman. “We love candy. The Candy Tour allows us to share our love with the community and teach them about how candy makes life sweeter.”

Visitors will step back in time and visit ancient Egypt, where artisans created delicious desserts using honey. Tour guides will highlight the history of sugar, offer a sneak peek at how gummies are made, delve into the impact of robots on the candy biz and let guests taste test.

The Candy Tour has been years in the making for Shenkman and his partners, brother Brian and mom, Carole. The family launched the business in 1992, focusing their efforts on working big fairs and festivals across the U.S. while building a retail business on the side. Today, the company employs up to 20 people, runs a robust internet business (BulkCandyStore.com) and handles brisk traffic at its 17,500-square-foot retail store.

The Shenkmans researched, designed and built their own Wonka world. Brian Shenkman, the family’s resident artist, mapped out the tour, creating most of the displays by hand.

The family anticipates the tour and the store becoming a destination. Bulk Candy Store is easily accessible from the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95. This is how long it takes to get to the store from different parts of South Florida(when traffic is light):

  • 2 minutes from Florida Turnpike at North Jog Road
  • 13 minutes from I-95 at Southern Boulevard
  • 13 minutes from downtown West Palm Beach
  • 35 minutes from downtown Fort Lauderdale
  • 50 minutes from downtown Miami

Tours are booked online at BulkCandyStore.com/tours or by calling the store at 561-540-1600. Tickets are $12.95 for adults and $8.95 for kids.

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