Orlando School Hosts Mosquito Invasion

Feb. 19, 2019 – American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) volunteers will share their knowledge and professional experiences with students from kindergarten through 6th grade at the school by conducting hands-on science experiments and activities. Topics include mosquito biology with live specimens, life cycle, mosquito surveillance and control with an emphasis on what students can do to protect themselves from mosquito bites and diseases such as West Nile virus.

What: Live interview opportunities with experts, scientists, and academics on insects, mosquito control, mosquito-borne disease, and containment strategies from throughout the United States.

Potential story angles on how young people can help control mosquitoes, Zika and West Nile Virus.

Photo opportunities with great visuals, hands-on examples, including live and preserved bug demonstrations. The hands-on area will have displays on mosquito life cycles (with live samples of each stage) and other displays on mosquito breeding, and different methods of control.

When: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon.

Where: 11659 Ruby Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32836 Phone:(407) 239-6024

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