IMC Health Acquires Sunset to Expand in Miami Dade

Jan. 30, 2019 – IMC Health Medical Centers, a portfolio company of Comvest Partners and Athyrium Capital Management, announced today that it has acquired Sunset Cardiology, P.L., a cardiology practice, and Primary Provider, Inc., a primary care practice, both focused on managed care members (collectively “Sunset” or the “Company”).

Founded by Dr. Jorge Pastoriza in 2007, Sunset is located in Miami, Florida. The Company employs 5 physicians and serves over 2,000 patients.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Pastoriza and the rest of the Sunset team become part of IMC,” said William C. Lamoreaux, Chief Executive Officer of IMC. “The unique combination of cardiology and primary care expertise has driven strong patient loyalty and superior patient outcomes. IMC will benefit greatly by bringing these resources in house.”

Dr. Pastoriza said, “We are pleased to be joining IMC and leverage their extensive experience in managed care. Sunset is now well positioned to grow and prosper in ways that simply were not available to us before.”

IMC intends to continue to make strategic acquisitions to drive growth.

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