The Education Fund’s Annual Teaching Challenge Puts Wells Fargo, Assurant, Sapoznik Insurance and Many Other Business Leaders on the Front Lines of Public Education

Jan. 29, 2019 – The Education Fund wraps up its annual Teach-A-Thon public education challenge, raising thousands for local schools while testing volunteer teachers in ways they never experienced in their jobs.

“My wife and daughter are public school teachers, and I never really understood the preparation that went into creating a lesson and standing in front of a class until I had to do it myself,” said Wells Fargo Southeast Florida Region Bank President Hector Ponte and a four-time Teach-A-Thon Teacher Champion. “There are many jobs in the business world that don’t require the time and dedication most teachers give their jobs day in and day out.”

The Teach-A-Thon is a three-month education campaign sponsored by Wells Fargo, Sapoznik Insurance, Assurant, and others that fosters awareness about the teaching profession and raises money for public schools in Miami-Dade County. Since its launch in 2008, volunteers or Teacher Champions have raised more than half a million dollars for local public schools and taught thousands of students.

The 2018 Teach-A-Thon kicked off in October with 225 Teacher Champions, including 100 from Wells Fargo, meeting their teacher mentors and prepping for their day in the classroom. Teacher Champions traded in their brief cases for lesson plans, teaching subjects like history, math, science, social studies and language arts. By the end of the campaign this month, Teacher Champions will have taught pre-k to high school in the fourth largest school district in the country.

“Public school teachers are on the front lines, playing a critical role in guiding our youth and shaping their future. Through the Teach-A-Thon, we educate the community about the challenges teachers face, building support for their work,” said Linda Lecht, president, of The Education Fund.

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