Orlando Health increases efforts to combat opioid abuse with Collective Medical’s “EDie”

Jan. 29, 2019 – Orlando Health is rolling out a new weapon in the war on opioid abuse. Its name is EDie, a software application that uses risk analytics, data feeds, shared care guidelines and real-time notifications to help care teams identify and support patients at risk of opioid use disorder and those exhibiting opioid seeking behavior.

Orlando Health Combats Opioid Abuse

Orlando Health partners with Collective Medical to combat opioid abuse

“Orlando Health is committed to doing all we can to combat the opioid epidemic in our region and throughout the state,” said Joshua G. Briscoe, MD, FACEP, Medical Director of IT Innovation, Virtual care, and Clinical Informatics for Orlando Health and a practicing emergency medicine physician. “In the emergency department, we regularly witness the devastation to patients and their families caused by opioid abuse. We believe the EDie program will be instrumental in helping all clinicians recognize patients who may be addicted to opioids, thereby enabling us to better assist them in getting the help they need.”

The EDie application was created by Collective Medical, a technology company that provides a collaborative care management platform for healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. In addition to helping identify patients at risk of opioid abuse, the platform can also help clinicians recognize patients with behavioral health concerns, those who are potential readmissions, and connect hospitals directly to post-acute providers – such as skilled nursing facilities – facilitating seamless transitions of care between acute and post-acute settings. Using the consolidated details provided by Collective regarding the patient’s treatment plan, prescription history, relevant health history, and social determinants, healthcare providers will have the ability to use this data to make more informed real time decisions, ultimately leading to better patient care and outcomes. The Collective Platform has been recognized by the American College of Emergency Physicians as a best practice. It has also been endorsed by the Florida Hospital Association, which is actively promoting a membership-wide quality initiative predicated on the adoption of the Collective Medical platform.

“We’re so excited to partner with Orlando Health as the first of many leading health systems across Florida actively working to join the Collective Network and collaborate with one another,” said Chris Klomp, CEO of Collective Medical. “Collective enables care teams to identify and collaborate on the most complex patients as they move across the care continuum and between different facilities, supporting improved outcomes such as reduced avoidable readmissions. We’re excited for Orlando Health to become a part of this movement, joining the tens of thousands of providers nationally across hospitals, accountable care organizations, post-acute facilities, physician practices and behavioral health providers on the Collective Network.”

The Collective Platform and EDie application can be integrated with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), a state-wide initiative created to encourage safer prescribing of controlled medications in an effort to curb drug misuse and abuse. Orlando Health expects to officially launch EDie in early spring 2019.

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