Farlong’s Condition-Specific Supplements Which Mix Ancient Remedies with Modern Technology are the Perfect New Year’s Gift

Dec. 26, 2018 – Farlong, which has developed condition-specific supplements that mix ancient remedies with modern technology, is the perfect New Year’s gift for people whose resolution for 2019 is to get healthy or lose weight.

1 (2).jpg

Farlong’s supplements include LifeFlower® Breviscapine Brain Formula, NotoGinseng Heart Formula, InnerPure® for weight management, LiverPure for liver detox and JointEase for joint health.

“This time of year we know people are thinking about how they can improve their lives in the coming year. Often, their resolutions are to get healthy or lose weight,” said Jing Struve, CEO of Farlong. “We founded this company with the mission to develop premium remedies to improve people’s lives and we’ve been bringing the essence of oriental medicine to the Western world for the past two decades.”

“That is why we are expanding our presence in America,” she added. “We are thrilled to learn that people can now purchase our supplements on the popular and prestigious online health portal, VitaBeauti.com,” she said.

Some of the more popular Farlong products include:

  • InnerPure Weight Management, which helps relieve constipation, manage weight, reinforce vital energy and cleanse toxins from the body as well as promoting normal bowel movements and tonifying skin.
  • Brain Health with LifeFlower® Breviscapine is designed to enhance the oral bioavailability of scutellarin to help improve blood circulation to the brain. This product also helps support memory and clarity, improves cognitive function, protects neurons from ischemic stroke and promotes cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health.
  • Heart Health with NotoGinseng extract which helps with proper cardiovascular system function.

Farlong is a nutraceutical company that was incorporated in California in 1998. Some of Farlong’s partners include Acupuncture Corporation of America, Inc., which is the first Acupuncture clinic franchise in the U.S. and TCMZone, LLC. which is one of the leading suppliers of professional herbal products in the U.S. to some of the leading healthcare and education institutes such as Cleveland Clinic, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Bastyr University.

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