Miami-Dade Police Department Special Response Team Transitions to New National Police Ammunition Duty Ammunition

Dec. 20, 2018 – National Police Ammunition, the world’s leader in lead free ammunition, is pleased to announce that the prestigious Miami-Dade Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) has decided to adopt the new NPA patent pending 130 Grain 300 BLK HELO SR cartridge.

Erik Agazim, the founder of National Police Ammunition, explains how the new product was developed.

“My team and I initially met with the SRT and they gave us performance specifications they required that their current ammunition could not attain, and they dared me to develop a better bullet.”

Erik continues, “I love a good challenge so over the course of 18 months we tried various methods of trial and error to satisfy the teams requirements, when we finally succeeded we realized that we had developed a bullet design that was completely unique. We then decided to patent the bullet which I can say that the HELO SR projectile is unlike any other duty cartridge currently on the market.”

NPA also manufactures a fully sintered frangible 300 BLK training round as a companion that has the same ballistic characteristics of the HELO SR.

The NPA Patented Pending HELO SR is designed for law enforcement and specifically to pass and exceed all FBI performance protocols.

NPA patent pending SR ballistic insert utilizes a sintered tip that will not deform in flight and acts as a barrier blind round by allowing the ballistic tip to defeat intermediate barriers then release from the main body of the projectile once encountering soft tissue allowing complete energy transfer and controlled expansion of the main body of the hollow point bullet mitigating risk of over-penetration.

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