Florida Police Officers Disrupt Flash Mob At Aventura Mall … And Then This Happens

Dec. 20, 2018 – Aventura Mall visitors were recently enjoying the holidays at the best mall in Miami when they were treated to a surprise flash mob from local dancers. But cheers turned to boos when two police officers interrupted the performance … only to then shock crowd when they joined in on the routine, creating an unforgettable performance that has gone viral on social media.

In a choreographed routine, Aventura Police Department Officers Chris Gatti and Manny Gonzalez pretended to shut the flash mob down before immersing themselves in the dance. Shoppers immediately pulled out their phones to record the surprise. The videos have garnered thousands of views in just two days and have been picked up by media outlets.

The routine was created by Sean Green and performed by Sean’s Dance Factory, an award-winning team based in West Palm Beach.

“We enjoy being a destination where our Miami community and visitors can come together,” said Anabel Llopis, senior director of sales and marketing for Aventura Mall. “Surprising our guests with a performance by local artists and first responders made for a really special moment.”

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