Hellas Leads Construction On Four Florida Soccer Fields

Dec. 6, 2018 – North Collier County Regional Park “Community Use Fields” are the first non-professional soccer fields to have achieved the FIFA certification, according to North Collier County Regional Project Manager David Berra.


Hellas is the second company to have four soccer fields inspected by an Independent Testing Laboratory of FIFA and pass inspection on the first visit. Four of the eight North Collier County Regional Park soccer fields were converted from grass to synthetic turf by Hellas as part of a $4 million project.

Collier county has struggled to provide enough places for soccer league and tournament play and Hellas provided the solution. “We constructed a field system to FIFA approved standards and it gave us more marketability, allowing us to increase the number of tournaments we schedule,” Berra said.

“Sports Labs USA was retained by Collier County to carry out the Official FIFA certification testing on their four Synthetic Turf fields, which had recently been installed. It was great to see a county such as Collier taking the extra steps to ensure they got the best possible playing surface for their Community,” according to Kieran O’Donnell of Sports Labs USA. “Credit also goes to the installers who made sure the fields passed the onsite testing first time,” O’Donnell added.

The FIFA Quality Program sets internationally recognized industry standards for products, technologies, and surfaces for soccer surfaces. County officials are hoping the synthetic turf fields constructed by Hellas will help them to boost tourism and host additional tournaments each year, which would result in more revenue for local businesses.

Steadfast dedication to quality and timely delivery has established Hellas as a powerhouse in the sports construction industry. Hellas serves schools and universities, along with professional teams like the New York Red Bulls, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, the new LA stadium shared by the Rams and Chargers, plus the Raiders’ new Las Vegas Stadium.

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