Youfit Health Clubs Partners with Advanced Genomic Solutions

Dec. 3, 2018 – Continuing its mission to be the leader in health club innovation, Youfit Health Clubs has announced its latest partnership with Advanced Genomic Solutions, bringing members in Arizona and Tampa, FL access to genetic testing offered through the YouCoach personal training program.

“Partnering with AGS is a customized first step in helping Youfit members take control of their health,” said J.J. Creegan, COO of Youfit Health Clubs. “This exciting partnership will allow Youfit to be on the forefront of individualized health discovery that assesses wellness needs, ultimately allowing Youfit members to start living and feeling better.”

AGS is an international leader in genomic testing offering a Health & Wellness DNA Test. This assessment will provide Youfit members with an individualized report to help them understand how their genetics affect their diet, exercise, and nutrition. Having knowledge of the chemical structure empowers members to make smarter decisions on what they eat and how they work out based on their unique genes.

“AGS is very pleased that Youfit chose our Health & Wellness Genetic test to offer their members,” said Lance Bennett co-founder of AGS. “AGS has trained hundreds of fitness trainers around the world to personalize member workouts and nutrition plans based on the members’ unique genes. We feel that with Incorporating AGS’ genetic testing into Youfit’s program will educate individuals about how their DNA makeup affects their overall health and will assist each member in achieving health goals quicker. We have also found that clients are more likely to be compliant if they understand, and can validate, the information given to them. Of course, seeing physical changes and positive results will also help. With genetic data in hand, fitness trainers will have the ability to address genetic factors that may be restricting Youfit members from seeing the results they desire. This gives fitness trainers the ability to guide members through a much more targeted program.”

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